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Encore (Non-Audition)

Our Encore Series is our non-audition based performance program.  Everyone who signs-up gets a featured role.

These abbreviated shows are 30-45 minutes long and they rehearse once a week.

This program allows kids who may not be ready to audition to still gain confidence while performing.  

Each performer will pay $225 in tuition for the entire semester. This price includes: 2 show tickets, a show T-Shirt, and rehearsal time. 

Encore is in-person and will be limited to 15 people per cast.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please email or call 480-907-7050.

Advanced Encore

This show will be presented as part of our Advanced Encore Program. 


This program is open to our older kids who want to perform without all the hassle and stress of auditioning.  

This program is in-person and will be limited to 15 cast members.    

We would love to see some new faces!